Saturday, December 22, 2012

San Diego to Lake Tahoe

This Christmas long weekend was to be spent at Lake Tahoe which we had never visited before. I booked a vacation rental through Lake Tahoe Accommodations. We had a nice (per the pics in the rental page) 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom home in Kingsbury or Stateline right across the CA/NV state border. I flew into San Jose on Saturday morning, where we picked up a rental (4WD due to the snowy conditions) at Hertz and started our drive to Lake Tahoe from SJC. It was about 2 pm when we started the drive - which was smooth and traffic free all the way past Folsum. We reached US50 close to Pollock Pines with absolutely no issues. At this point Google maps seemed to indicate that it would take 4.5 hours to reach Lake Tahoe - which was only 75 miles away! This sounded ridiculous to us so we continued driving. Sure enough, we hit traffic that had come to a standstill. After inching along only 2-3 miles in over 1.5 hours, we decided to turn and head back to a gas station in Pollock Pines - 10 miles back! This would put us back a couple of hours but we were low on water and gas. We headed back to the Chevron gas station, where we took a restroom stop, refueled both the car and ourselves and decided to wait in traffic since heading back to Folsum would put us back by a day. The traffic had come to a standstill due to several vehicle incidents along US50 because of the snow storm. We finally made it to Lake Tahoe past 12:30 am. The rental office had clear instructions on where to pick up the keys and how to head to the house. So that was all neat. But once we reached the house, we realized that there was a long, steep driveway to the house filled with almost 2 feet of snow! We could not leave the car on the road, so we had no choice but to shovel the driveway! :-(
Ugh! Definitely made me regret my decision to stay at a vacation rental vs. hotel! After attempting to shovel the entire driveway, we gave up and only shoveled the bottom part sufficiently to get the car off the road. We then hauled our luggage another 20 feet up the driveway to the garage. But that was not the end of it! The house was another 20-25 feet up - two flights of stairs! Sigh! After hauling all the bags up the stairs we entered the house (which was all warm and cozy) only to realize that 2 bedrooms were downstairs but the master bedroom/kitchen/living room were another flight of steps up! Oh well! We decided to take the master bedroom, so on we went, hauling the bags one more flight of stairs up! The house itself (@187 Kingsbury Circle) was immaculate, cozy and very nice..but after our travel ordeal all night, it just wasn't the fun experience I was hoping it would be!

So ended our journey to Lake Tahoe. By the time we settled into our beds it was 3 AM!!