Monday, April 19, 2004

From Venice to Florence....

April 19, 2004: Woke up late in the morning, checked out of Ai Due Leoni. We did run of hot water this morning – I wasn’t too thrilled about that! On our way to the train station, we bought some masks, magnets and pins. We grabbed a tomato-brie Panini and water for our journey to Florence. We boarded the Eurostar Italia which is a few dollars more than the IC. Since we had pre-paid IC tickets we had to pay about 8 € pp extra for the Eurostar tickets. These trains are also more comfortable than the IC trains.

April 19, 2004: Arrived in Florence in the afternoon at about 3:30 pm. I was a little disappointed because it was raining. But we had ponchos, so we slipped them on and walked out of the train station to find B&B Peterson, which we reserved, based on Ira’s recommendation. Finding the B&B was an easy task, though reading the signs in the rain were a pain! The B&B turned out to be as pleasant as Ira had promised – we got the room with a red heart! Each room had a name but I can’t seem to remember ours. We had a very obnoxious red heart in the room which didn’t stop amusing us till the day we left. We thankfully had an attached bath and that was a blessing. We dropped our bags and took a walk around Florence… we first found an internet café in the underground mall near the train station (Stazione Centrale). After spending some time there and having absolutely disgusting Pizza in the station café, we walked to the Duomo, went past the Pizza dell’ Unita Novella, which is a very un-church looking Church and had a banana flavored gelato. By the time we walked back to B&B Peterson, the rain has subsided. We decided to try the Indian restaurant that Ira has suggested on the Fodor’s forum. The restaurant turned out to be surprisingly good – who would have thought of an Indian restaurant in the middle of Italy! In fact, I had the best chai to this day in that restaurant!

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