Monday, August 17, 2009

The Kauai Saga

This is part of my back-entry logging project. We visited Kauai back in 2009. Absolutely stunning and one of my favorite Hawaiin islands. Logging entry extracted from my hand-written journal...

Monday, August 17, 2009

We started our much needed vacation today from San Diego. Our flight was at 11:25 am - turned out to be an eventful start to our vacation. DH forgot his laptop bag with Neil's ID & other important stuff at home. After a nail-biting drive back home to get the bag and much needed help from our very good friend, Abha we made it on the flight. The rest of the flight was thankfully uneventful! We reached Lihue, Kauai by 4:45 pm local time. We wee blessed with a wonderfully non-fussy child throughout the flight. Our Ford Explorer from Hertz was a brilliant red - much to DS's delight!! After lugging all our bags into the car, we drove to Kalapaka beach hut - an unassuming little establishment by the Kalapaka beach. We enjoyed burgers/sandwiches upstairs with a view of the ocean! The place is definitely a must-try! Reached Hilton, Kauai by 8 pm and checked into room #1234 - after much futile haggling and persuasion we did not get any room in bldg 4 - which is very much recommended! The room we got is pretty small, with an aged TV - nothing much to write home about. We showered, took a stroll of the grounds, had a drink or 2 - way too expensive to really enjoy - and retired by 10 pm.

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