Friday, January 27, 2012

Salt Lake City, Utah

A weekend trip to salt lake city just sort of happened and we flew in on Delta airlines on January 27, 2012. We had an interesting landing where the plane started taxiing on the runway, probably the plane over-shot (not sure but could be due to wind...the pilot did not explain) and took off again after touching ground!! After a second safe attempt, we disembarked, got our Cadillac Escalade from Hertz car rental at the airport and headed to Cottonwood. We were booked at the Residence Inn by Marriott, which is a clean and nice hotel to stay in and not too far from Brighton ski resort. After freshening up we took a drive up the mountain to Brighton. The drive is beautiful, with brown-red rock mountains covered with snow and conifers lining up the mountainside, their branches laden with pure white snow!! After getting familiar with our options at Brighton, we headed back and drove to downtown Salt Lake city. We drove past the state capitol building, stopping for some pictures, then headed over to Temple Square.
Salt Lake Temple

I took some pictures of the Salt Lake Temple which looked beautiful under the night sky.
We then visited the north visitors center, which is home to an impressive 11-foot statue of Jesus Christ known as the Christus. After looking at a few exhibits describing Mormon philosophy and beliefs, we headed back towards Cottonwood. Dinner was at Market street grill - decent seafood place in Cottonwood. We called it an early night!

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