Saturday, October 20, 2012


Inside Voodoo Doughnut store
Voodoo Doughnut
The weather this morning looked good enough for a walk to the park along the river. So I headed out with my MIL. Unfortunately, light showers started as soon as we hit the streets. So we walked along Adler st, then skipped the park and made our way on 3rd ave to Voodoo Doughnuts. I had read so much about this doughnut shop that I had to stop by. And just like in the reviews, there was a line forming almost out the door at 8 am! We bought a few doughnuts (one with fruit loops on it!) and they were good! DH loved the "Gay Bar" - the one with a line of fruit loop on it and with bavarian creme inside and I really enjoyed the "Portland Creme" - voodoo doughnut's take on Boston Creme!

We didnt have time to do anything else in the morning - just a few stops to check out stores near the hotel. Then we had to pack up to leave for the airport.

With my college buddy - Yatin
My college buddy whom I had not seen or met for the last 6-7 years stopped by to say hello. He's a native Portlander now and in retrospect I should have consulted him on this trip earlier. Oh, well... I left it to the Fodorites to guide me and the trip turned out pretty well. I might have cut short one day in Hood River and added that day to the Portland stay. But then I'm sure we'll return to the city because there is so much to do and see!

Oregon is a beautiful state and one worth visiting in the summer/fall. We will definitely go again!

Our flight back to San Diego was uneventful and in fact, we landed early to a light drizzle! We brought the rains back from Oregon! :) It was a fun road trip - tiring and long but fun!

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